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We know that spending quality time with your families is an important way to maintain a sense of normalcy.

5050 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego CA 92130

Enjoy our fresh, healthy and well balanced to-go menu.
Delivery and curbside pick-up are available on Friday.

Friday orders

order by Thursday 12pm
Pick up / delivery Friday 10am -2pm

Order by Thursday 12pm

Main Dishes 

This week's menu is all inclusive.

Each main dish comes with all three side dishes listed below.

Romaine hearts, fresh sweet corn, crushed brazil nuts with cilantro & kaffir lime juice 

vegan, gluten free

Cauliflower rice with blanched buckwheat and sautéed sweet peas

vegan, gluten free, nut free

Roasted zucchini & summer squash seasoned with thyme and garlic oil 

vegan, gluten free, nut free

Add on options

We've added an additional size to some of our add ons